Ritter Industries means quality and integrity that our customers across many industries have counted on for more than four decades. We hope you’ll consider Ritter for your next metal fabrication project. We’ve handled large and smaller jobs for generations, and we’ve successfully solved thousands of challenges through the decades.


We bring you a complete metal fabrication plant that permits us to offer a wide variety of custom products to satisfy your expectations. Structural steel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonite can be sheared, sawed, nibbled, flame or plasma cut to size, punched, notched, rolled, formed to any required shape and welded.


A partial list of our custom products include:  weldments  chutes, hoppers, tanks  plate gutters  pipe fabrications  heavy duct work  transitions, cones, elbows  sheet metal flashing, Z-bars ■ expansion joints  machine guards  abrasive liners  

electrical cabinets  heat recuperators  cylinders  angle rings, bar rings.


Call us today so that we can be of assistance to your company. You can ask for me, Brian Ritter, at 724-225-6563.


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